Swimming in circular motion
Leaves dissipate in a trance
Do I reach back do I grasp at the past
Or can I just follow the dance

Seems that I’ve waited so long this time
And I’m feeling so close again
And I’m baring my soul again

Time is an absolute mirror
In time you can’t help but see you
Sometimes others eyes can be so much more wise
Sometimes we just hide from the truth

IBut I know who I am and I know what I’m after – this time
Give me this moment I promise I won’t hurt your pride

(please don’t wake up)
Am I just dreaming again

Take me this time to the pasture
Take me one time to the field
I’ve seen it so much even felt it I’ve touched it
It’s got to be real

But I know who I am and I know what I’m after – this time
Give me this moment I promise I won’t hurt your pride
Feels so close I feel strong again
No don’t let me be wrong again
I’m sure I was right the first time


This is also one of the first songs written for what would become The Kenilworth Project. For more on the beginning of The Kenilworth Project see Mama Baby. This was one of the first four songs that we recorded, and here again it was just Ben and I in the studio initially, and again Patrick went in later and put a much better bass line down. Also on this song I came up with back up harmonies in the studio, and as I hadn’t rehearsed them at all they were a little shake to say the least. This is where I found out about that thing they call “Auto-Tune”, and it doesn’t have to sound like Cher or T-Pain when you use it. The song is called Third because….well because it’s in three. And it’s not as heavy as the song Heavy Three which we were also writing around the same time.

Lyrically it is a theme I hit all the time, damn I sure have been trying to be a rock star a long time now, surely I have it coming. Musically it is also a variation on a common theme for me, and it all comes back to Alone Again by Dokken I’m sure. What’s different in this song is the little bridge thing in between verses one and two, which never shows up again. I don’t know where that came from, but without I think the song would be about half as good.

Like the other Kenilworth Project songs all I have to work with is the mix down, so no correcting mistakes. And here at the end of the song I’m reaching for a note that I might be able to hit on a good day, but it’s pretty evident that day wasn’t one of them. I’m not sure why I thought it would sound better if I tried twice, and then put the two together, but I can’t say that helped any either. The rest of the song though is definitely one of my favorites and most personal, and other than that two seconds at the end I’m actually okay with the vocals. And the guitar solo’s not half bad either.