No Time

Music by The Kenilworth Project Lyrics by Jake Brigell and Adrian Pountney

What does it feel like
What is it like
To try to do things
To make it your life
But it don’t go
Where you want it to go
So you just let go
Just let it flow
Now there was a time
Before all of this
There was a time
When life was pure bliss
But now you’re at home
Your time ill spent
Cause you never did give
One hundred percent

I sit and watch with no resistance
I’ll never lose if I don’t try
Is it just fear that I’m running from or should I even care
That I’ve lost my life

you could have done more
you could have gone on tour
but drugs filled the music
burned out to the core
of existence
excited measures no longer
come with this
now your half ass troubles
fill half ass mind
you sit in the corner
wishin to rewind
your life and time
askin everybody why
askin god for help
yet receiving no reply

Maybe it’s time I pay attention
I never laughed until I cried
When did I forget where I’m coming from – when did I get scared?
When did I die?

waitin on the corner
for the midnight train
mind in the gutter
drugs on the brain
waiting so patiently
to just end the pain
every single memory
always feels the same
lost your sense of time
watching through the frame
friends don’t call
girlfriend doesn’t feign
love anymore
lifes such a bore
cant do nothing right
just hold yourself tight

Is it too late to change direction?
I used to have so much inside
Is there a chance I’ll get it back again or am I too fucking old?
Is there still time?

I don’t remember where the two different chord progressions came from, but I think this was one that Ben started the ball rolling. He would do this thing where he had an idea in his head, and he would describe and sing the guitar part and play the drums he had in mind and we’d figure it out. I think that’s where the first part came from, and the second part I remember having the discussion about how to descend from A to E and I think it was Pat that came up with the f# on the way instead of going for the obvious f. Whoever it was it was perfect for writing a chorus over.  

Jake was gonna write the verses and I was gonna write a hook, and he emailed me a word document with three verses about the guy with potential that just fades away. They were clearly chronological and the logical thing to me then was to progress chronologically as well, thus it became one of those songs that doesn’t repeat any lyrics, the “hook” is different all three times like the verses are, and it’s essentially call and response. I totally remember mixing this down at Gremlen and I think it was Ben who had this brilliant idea to slam the first bass note of the second half of each chorus and wow was he right. Listen for that. And singing this one for me always hit me pretty damn close to home.