Songs Blog

As a veteran of the independant-rock-that-gets-nowhere-scene for over twenty years, I decided at some point the "reality" driven crowd might be interested in the back story behind original songs that all actually have a back story. Over the years I've written and co-written dozens of songs with some really great artists, and I know they stand up mathematically, intellectually and passionately. More importantly, I can remember the real set of events and people involved in creating these songs, and those stories I think stand up to any "reality" driven entertainment out there.

I'm beginning to chronicle the back stories behind each of these songs along with the lyrics I've saved over the years, as well as old and new recordings of them. I've released fifteen (okay sixteen) of these songs on Dr Wippit's Anthology of Sorts, available everywhere they sell digital music, and these are the first ones on the blog list. In the big picture I'm thinking some kind of e-book loaded with links to audio and video files. In the mean time I'm thinking the current blog-reality world makes it easy for me to drop a chapter at a time. You'll see them stack up over there on the right. Don't be shy, click on one 😉